CPA Marketing made easy

Well, there is not many free guides and tutorials in the CPA marketing field like in Affiliate marketing ! Except Project Breakthrough has announced a 100% free affiliate marketing training course this month, that contains ( +7 hours of free Affiliate marketing Training ).

In this guide i will try to make CPA marketing as simple and easy as can any one understand it .

Well, CPA Marketing trends for Cost Per Action !
It's a profitable way to make money by promoting offers that pays you great commissions when a visitor of your website do an action like : e-mail or zip submission, website registration, take a survey, play a game ...

Exemple of offers to promote on CPA marketing :
 This kind of offers pays : 0.9$-1.6$ for any one who submit his e-mail or his e-mail and zipcode.

 - Where to find this offers ?

In CPA networks like :
MaxBountyPeerflyClickBoothNeverBlueMatomyW4AdknowledgeAdscend MediaCPAWayMundo MediaAboveAllOffersAffiliate Venture GroupA4D .
- How to join this CPA Networks ?

Simply acess any of the listed campany site and regester as a Publisher or Affiliate.
and to get accepted fast withe theme, try to Call theme before they call you, and give theme honest informations about how you would promote there offers ( By SEO, Media Buy ) and do never talk about Incentive traffic.

- What to do after joining the CPA Network ?
Well, start promoting the offers !
pick an offer frome the offers list and start promoting it via your blog or buying traffic usinf facebook ads ot media buy sites .

Facebook ads Video Tutorials :

The thing that made me choose CPA Marketing frome other online making money systems, is that's easy and so profitable. I advice you to try it, and shar withe us your experience.

Cheers !